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I love to live in my own personal optimistic bubble.  It's such a pleasant place to be but every now and then that perspective of mine can get a little unrealistic!  Such is the case over this past week with me thinking I could get all those water tank details written up with lots of photos on a pretty new page under the Progress heading.  It's coming, it really is, but truthfully I haven't done a thing on it since my mention last week!  Not one little itty bitty thing!  I'm not sure how I thought it would happen since it is now our winter school holidays and I have been busy preparing myself, two kids, a dog, a cat, a house, a garden and a housesitter to step in while we three step out for a three week holiday up in Queensland.  Hmmm, it's been a full week to be sure.  There's also been some dedicated writing work in there and with a couple of deadlines due next month my laptop is coming with me for our little break away in the warmth and sun.  The bonus with that means you won't have to wait three weeks for all that holiday fun as I will keep you updated with our Sunny Coast adventures while they happen.  My plan is to continue on from our trip last year so be sure to check out all those stories so your all in the loop for more (just type Noosa into the search bar for the full list) ;)

So, that flurry of activity around this place lately?  Well I've known that there were some gardening jobs that would not wait until we returned as it would be too late in the season for those little plants.  So, from the sunny ledge in the kitchen where I have been conducting a vegie scrap rebirth experiment, to out into the garden went those beets and celery.  Next, the kids and I have been transplanting our very neglected strawberry patch.  I potted up the runners at the end of summer as I always do and then walked away.  I had never even got back to them in the autumn to separate the pups from their mother plants!  Well they have been now and with a few of them already into their new bed yesterday, I have grand hopes of transplanting the rest before heading off to the airport tomorrow... wish me luck!  The kids have claimed and named theirs already and I think Flower Power is a perfect name :)  And finally, FINALLY, a whole year later than when I originally planned, our mulberry tree has now been moved.  It's a long story and I think I may have talked about it before but it's far to late in the night for me to traipse through my archives, but that mulberry is a Hicks variety - perfect for eating and jam making but will grow into quite a large tree.  I planted it too close to the house when it originally arrived as a bare-root so now it can live out the rest of it's days happily against our eastern fence line.  Yay!

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It's late and high time I headed to bed and I'm not even going to proofread this so forgive me if it's a rambling mess ;)  Our bags are packed and tomorrow I'll leave the keys with our housesitter, who also happens to be my indispensable babysitter.  She was here today looking after the kids and I came home to a fairy village.  You can't see them all that well in this first photo but there are four scattered around with two in the shadows.  You're an Angel, Katie xo

See you up in Noosa folks!

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How About Next Week?


I was really hoping to have the tank page ready to offer this week but alas, it an't going to happen as that thing called Life has got in the way.  I'll finish getting those photos uploaded by next week but in the mean time, I'm just going to present to you a selection of what was on my memory card from the past few days.  It's the wintery outdoors and the warm cosy indoors.  Plus maybe a little madness as the kids and I slowly go stir-crazy sheltered away from the cold rain.  I'll gladly take that rain however, as I can now declare that those tanks of ours are plumbed and we are officially harvesting the water... happy dance!!!

So here we have it, a few bits and pieces from around these parts...

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I've given my old dSLR (the Nikon) to the kids to use.  I can't sell it as too many of the inner settings are no longer responding and the playback is... well... stuffed!  Not to mention it is very old in terms of camera technology but it still takes a picture.  I figure it makes for a terrific tool to introduce the kids to the 'feel' of a dSLR camera and I do love to see the world with their eye behind the lens.  Plus, it won't be catastrophic if it gets accidentally dropped, but shh, they don't know that ;)

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It's blurry but I love it!  It's the craziness of siblings captured in one image.  If only that image had sound and you would hear the absolute pure belly giggle of those two while they attempt to squash each other!

See you back here next week with all the excitement of our water tanks.  Have a great week friends and wishing all those in the U.S. a fire-cracking 4th of July xo

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What's On & Off the Needles


It has been SO long since I've mentioned anything about my knitting projects and I really think it is very overdue.

Right now I'm working on the Milo vest by Georgie of Tikki Knits.  It's the first in my list of Christmas making!!!  I know, I know.. did you just gasp?  Don't panic, this is how I roll - I start very early because a) I am a painfully slow knitter and b) I get overwhelmed easily and the Festive Season didn't get nicknamed the Silly Season for no reason.  Getting an early start is my way of managing those inevitable stresses.  Plus, it's winter and what's not to love about cosying up next to the fire each night plugged into a Podcast with knitting in hand?  The other thing is that Milo is perfect for where I'm at right now.  Really it's an easy knit and I need easy these days.  I haven't got the head-space for sitting down to a complicated pattern at the end of a long day but yet, Milo offers just enough interest within the design to not get bored.  Another great thing about this pattern is how other knitters have placed their own spin onto Milo with some incredible designs.  Have a look at this Raveller's page - Milo gets colour-worked!  And as for the yarn I'm working with, oh goodness me, it might just about be my favourite to date!  I purchased a bunch of single skeins when at The Craft Sessions last year, each one in a different colour.  I couldn't choose between them at the time so made the decision that I would use them for small projects.  Now that I know how divine the yarn is to work with I may just have to purchase a number of skeins in the one colour and put them towards a sweater project.  All that and I still haven't actually told you the details... the yarn is Shilasdair luxury DK (10% cashmere, 10% baby camel, 40% angora and 40% merino lambswool) in Bracken.


Off the needles is a simple chunky knit cowl.  There's absolutely nothing complicated or fancy about this one (except the yarn of course but I've lost all details of what it is hmm?  I'm pretty sure it's a 100% Merino?).  Here's a confession... I'm a bit of an Outlander fan!  I know, does it change your opinion of me?  The thing is, the costume design in that show is to die for!  Claire's in particular.  Her knits are just gorgeous and this cowl is loosely based on something I saw in one of the earlier episodes.  Without the buttons it's actually a bit dull, but oh, those buttons!!!  I went hunting on Etsy and when I came upon those ones, I knew they would be perfect.  Now, how to make the most of them is a decision I have not yet come to.  I can't quite settle on how I wish to wear this cowl and I need to do that before I fix the buttons.  Any thoughts...?


No knitting talk is complete without a mention of Silvia.  Silvia and I began our relationship well over a year ago now and probably about six months or so ago she got put away... unfinished!  I love Silvia, really I do, but we're having a break.  Our relationship was getting intense and she was sucking far too much brain power with her sleeves.  Her front is done, her back is done, even one sleeve is done.  But then there's that other sleeve, that one is not done.  And I'm quite at peace with saying that it will not get done any time soon.  I'm putting her away for now because I simply do not have it in me to concentrate on the lace design of that final sleeve.  For a more experienced knitter, that level of stitching probably is not a big deal, but for me, well, Silvia and I are happy to take the breather. 

Next up on the list after I've finished Milo is a couple of toys for the kids.  They've each selected their favourite from our book and their choice of yarn from my Shilasdair stash, so without any angst, I shall happily move forward onto those.

So what kind of knitting or crafty project are you in the works with?

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