Let's travel through our little handmade gate.  The kids and I knocked that together one morning shortly after we moved in and realised we quickly needed to secure the chickens.  It is constructed from bits and pieces found in the "junk heap" left from many years ago and was only meant to be temporary.  Something to see us through until we could get to the salvage yard and hunt out a better alternative.  We've visited a few salvage yards since then and a replacement for that gate has been the furthest thing from our minds, errhum.

Opening the wire latch that is hooked over the nail in the post will land you right in the heart of our industrial zone


There is nothing glamorous about this area but within all the unkempt corners, you may find a kind of raw rustic beauty.  Or maybe that's just me and my starry eyes.  Not much has begun out here yet, except perhaps a quick bit of makeshift fencing to help contain the chickens (the gate is not the only thing that got knocked together).  It is currently home to the compost, the washing line, two juvenile citrus trees,  the chickens, a garden shed which we have converted into the chickens evening quarters, a partly rotted wood pile (including previously mentioned "junk pile"), and, finally, it's my personal 'go-to' for foraging winter salads.  Oh, and let us not forget that water tank!  Did you notice it?  It's kind of hard to miss in the last photograph.  See the hole at the top?  We took to it with a hammer recently, just to have a sticky beak and find out what we were up against.  It was with great surprise and relief to discover it was without any reinforcement.  Just bricks and mortar with some steel strapping around the outside.  This summer we intend to joyfully finish the job with a sledge hammer and by next winter, roll a fresh new water tank into the corner where I am standing to take the photo.  Right behind it, to the left in the last photo, nudged in between the original wall of the house and the tank, is a room of asbestos construction.  We have plans for that room, although we are a few years away from moving forward there so we have ample opportunity to deal with it properly.  In the mean time, let's focus our attention on that gorgeous stone wall instead, shall we? 

This winter (2016) we will be ready to plant out this area with fruit and nut trees, making it our own mini orchard.  I've been looking at that Hills Hoist (that's the clothesline) and I think it is going to have to be relocated.  It's going to take a while, but as our thoughts and ideas become plans, and then when those plans get put into action, it's going to become a pretty great area back here.


There's been a lot of work in this area recently (May 2016) and I have a big update coming soon!