Xan Holyoak
I will write until not a single word remains in my soul
Until every story in my heart has been told
Until my mind’s well of ideas is bone dry
And even then I will write on
because writing is not just something I do, but part of who I am
— Kathy Jeffords


Hello and Welcome!

This website and blogging space began as a platform for me to document the creation of a dream.  A joint dream I shared with my now late-husband, Tuck.  It was somewhere for me to establish my voice as a Writer and share our conscious living journey towards sustainability and self-sufficiency.  That was 2014 and over the short years since, life has transformed and I now travel a path similar, yet so very different. 

Tuck was killed in a motorcycle accident in January 2015, when our children were just four and six years old.  Since then, the three of us have continued to live from scratch as much as sanity allows and I am learning the art of self-care whilst balancing work and single parenting.

Writing is absolutely my thing!  Beyond a shadow of doubt, it is my purpose and I feel so very blessed to shape my days around something I dearly love to do.  My articles focus strongly on Nature Play, Family & Parenting, Life Experiences and Conscious Living (including sustainability & self-sufficiency).  I also take photographs, a lot of photographs, and I adore the Australian Landscape as well as Documentary style portraiture and Lifestyle images.  A little while ago I wrote a blog post called, Why Do We Run?  Without you and I meeting in person, it is probably the best 'nut-shell' example I can offer you, of who I am and my perspective on Life and our experiences therein. 

These days, this online space serves to act as both a portfolio and a home for the occasional musings I share in my open journal, those that extend beyond the pages of my personal journal.  It is also a place for me to continue to document that original dream where behind the scenes, I am ever so slowly renovating our 1880's Adelaide Hills home, while creating and tending a sustainable, semi self-sufficient edible garden.  Above all else however, I am a Mum to two incredible kids and a Woman living each day to the fullest.

Thank you for visiting and sharing in this space.

I wish you many blessings and a heart full of LOVE.

Xan xo


To be entranced by Nature’s magic every single day and bewitched by the world that lives within my children’s hearts. To transcend my wildest dreams and delight in the beauty of my journey.