Xan Holyoak




'I will write until not a single word remains in my soul...
Until every story in my heart has been told...
Until my mind's well of ideas is bone dry...
And even then I will write on
because writing is not just something I do, but part of who I am.'

Kathy Jeffords


Hello and Welcome!


This website and blogging space began as a platform for me to document the creation of a dream.  A joint dream I shared with my now late husband, Tuck.  It was somewhere for me to establish my voice as a writer and share our conscious living journey towards sustainability and self-sufficiency.  That was 2014 and over the short years since, life has transformed and I now travel a path similar, yet so very different to the one described here

That link will direct you to my original About Page, which although still holds true and makes for the essence of who I am, also feels different to the direction this space is heading.

As a Writer, I focus on Family, Parenting, Life Experience and Conscious Living, including sustainability & self-sufficiency.  I also take photos, a lot of photos, and I adore the Australian Landscape as well as Documentary style portraiture and Lifestyle images.

Behind the scenes, I am ever so slowly renovating our 1880's Adelaide Hills home, while creating and tending a sustainable, semi self-sufficient garden.  Above all else however, I am a Mum to two incredible kids, a Solo Parent, and a Woman living each day to the fullest.

I am delighted to have you visit and thank you for sharing in this space.

Wishing you a most spectacular day!


Lots of LOVE,